Dancing through the city


After more than a year in which our freedom of movement was limited, we now naturally keep our distance from each other in public space. During DANSJACHT we go outside with an exciting selection of local and national dance talent to reconnect with our environment and each other. With professional and amateur dance, urban, circus and contemporary, we show that this public space can once again become a place of freedom, imagination and encounter. Watch 12 pop-up performances in the Piushaven in the city of Tilburg in which the port and city are reconquered and re-embodied.

From a modest choreography for the hands to exuberant urban, from a dancing ferrywoman in a boat to skipping on the decking. Go through the harbor on your own on Sunday afternoon October 17 between 1 and 4 pm and be surprised by the many, versatile and continuous performances. The majority of these performances go on throughout the afternoon, a single performance can be seen several times at fixed starting times. Check this website mid September for all the locations and starting times.

With pop-up performances by: The100Hands, Andreas Hannes, Chilton Galimo, Celine Werkhoven, Jade van den Hout, Jordy Dik, MoOv, Nick Deroo, Nina Wijnmalen, TeaTime Company powered by Circolo & Vloeistof. DANSJACHT could not take place last year due to the pandemic, but in October of this year we surely will be there with a powerful new version.

About Being There
How do we look at our environment and how do we move ourselves in it? This  question is the central one during DANSJACHT, the festive highlight of Being There. Being There is the name of the recurring project with which Tilburg Dansstad annually investigates the moving body in public space. Choreographers and dancers go out into the city; streets, squares and parks become their field of activity. In previous years, for example, they already moved to the city center and Theresia, they are now moving towards the Piushaven and in the coming years the city park and museum quarter will follow.

Dansjacht is part of Being there


Being There is an annual dance event and exploratory week taking place in Tilburg’s public space. Choreographers and dancers take over the city; streets, squares and parks become their stage and playground. In doing so they ask themselves multiple questions. How do we perceive our surroundings? Is the public space truly ours? How do we interact with each other in this public space?


Every year, Being There reaches its conclusion with a very special performance for passerby’s and dance enthousiasts. This year the Dansjacht procession will conclude the Being There week. A collaboration between Tilburg Dansstad partners DansBrabant, Fontys Dance Academy, Factorium, Theaters Tilburg and Theater De Nieuwe Vorst.


Starting this year, Being There will be expanded to a vast, annual exploratory week ending with a public event. An event firmly rooted in the Dutch cultural field, with a growing contribution by (inter)national initiatives in dance, initiatives adjacent to dance and other art forms, as well as contributions from residents, small business owners, corporations, financial partners and other organizations.